Roadmap Genesis

Can Ancient Scripture
Reverse America’s Moral Decline?

Writer Kevin Ott At Rocking Gods HouseLos Angeles, Calif. — A new documentary from director Nolan Lebovitz, “Roadmap Genesis,” is offering hope and answers for the rapid decline of America’s society, and it is finding this hope in an ancient Biblical text. The Book of Genesis describes how a loving God works to restore His broken creation to its original beauty and goodness. “Roadmap Genesis” showcases this through the lessons and familial relationships of such patriarchs as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who, just like us, struggled to remain faithful to God’s teachings.

“Roadmap Genesis” is currently screening at churches and theaters in Dallas, Orlando, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Phoenix, with more nationwide screenings to be announced soon. While viewing the documentary, audiences follow Lebovitz as he travels the United States, building the case that the Book of Genesis is more relevant in 21st-century Judeo-Christian America than ever before. Viewers are challenged to reflect on their own beliefs and think critically as the film delves into the most fundamental human questions about existence and fulfillment.


“This is the film that can help lift our society out of its current decline and return it to prosperity, promise and accomplishment,” explains Lebovitz. “There is absolutely nothing else like it. I’m excited about the recent successful screenings we’ve enjoyed in cities throughout the U.S. It’s clear that people are really connecting with the message of this film. I think ‘Roadmap Genesis’ speaks very directly to the state of shifting cultural values that we are currently witnessing. In short, this is a film that provides hope and answers.”

Gov. Mike Huckabee, who is a featured interview in “Roadmap Genesis,” adds, “When Nolan told me about his project and asked me to be interviewed for it, I was skeptical that a documentary about the book of Genesis would be interesting, much less compelling. Governor-Mike-Huckabee-At-Rocking-Gods-HouseWas I ever surprised!  He has opened up for the viewer a stunning and insightful treasure trove of truth about the first book of the Bible. Even for the ardent Bible skeptic, it will be difficult to ignore the power of this film.”

Besides Gov. Huckabee, “Roadmap Genesis” spotlights interviews with Rabbi David Wolpe, Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis and Creation Museum), Alan Dershowitz, Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Francis George, Erick Stakelbeck (Christian Broadcasting Network), Robert B. Chisholm Jr., Th.D. (Chair and Professor, Old Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary), along with others.

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Nolan Lebovitz was born and raised in the Chicago area, where he grew to love the cinema and after high school relocated west to attend the USC School of Cinema-Television. Upon graduation, he began writing suspense thrillers and ultimately scored a hit in 2008 with “Tortured” starring Laurence Fishburne, Cole Hauser, and James Cromwell. During this time, Lebovitz got married, had children, and started to question the world around him. He looked for answers and found them in the Book of Genesis and made a major life change. He decided to become a Rabbi and began studies at the Ziegler School for Rabbinic Studies at American Jewish University. In 2013, Lebovitz lived in Jerusalem and attended the Conservative Yeshiva. In late 2012, Nolan decided to merge his two passions – filmmaking and Bible study – and began making “Roadmap Genesis.” Lebovitz has served for the last several years as the Rabbinic Intern at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles. He has also enjoyed writing a blog for, which is titled “Israel, Torah and Me.” He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife, Blair, and his three children.

[Note: This article is a re-publishing of the press release for the film “Roadmap Genesis”]