Music & Worship Directors

Music & Worship Directors

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Welcome Music Leaders, Worship Leaders, And Praise Team Members… Rocking Gods House Is Dedicated To Improving Everyone Involved In Music Ministry For The Glory Of Jesus Christ.

CEO & President Abbie Stancato began this website due to his observance of churches which possessed very expensive equipment, and no trained personal… The result was often a substandard result.

Learn To Better Every Aspect Of Your  Music Ministry, From The Music Director To The Sound Man. If You Play A Part In Bringing Excellence To The Throne Of God, We Hope This Website Will Assist In The Eternal Mission, Set-Forth Here On Earth.

Learn how to become a better Music & Worship Director. Rocking Gods House wants to offer directors all the latest technology, as well as in-depth interviews and insight with seasoned Music & Worship Directors. Rock God’s House skillfully… Read About It Here!

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