Meet The OnLine Editor – Dr. Karan Haugh

Meet The Online Editor of Rockin’ God’s House…
Karan Haugh Ph. D.

Online Editor Karan Haugh Ph. D.

Hello.  I am a writer with over twenty unpublished books.  I’ve written for a long while since in 5th grade when I won the “Why I Love America” contest to now.  I have a B. A. an M. A. and a Ph. D. all in writing, plus Linguistics and French. During my college years I have studied over six languages and have specialized in English as a Second Language. For my thesis and dissertation I wrote volume I. and volume III.  of my completed tetralogy Lion Mountain about life in Sierra Leone after the Civil War.  This is also covered in the movie “Blood Diamonds.”  Presently, I am putting the finishing touches on my 160 journals written from 1971 until now.  These comprise 10 Journal Books.  I am starting my memoires for which the prologue is as follows:

I come from a tiny former coal mining village outside of Pittsburgh, and it is amazing how many curious things have happened to me in my life.  I have written over 160 journals in the past nearly forty years.  I won a Senatorial Scholarship which could have gotten me a B. A. in Harvard, but my mother insisted that I stay as close to home as possible. Thus, I have a B.A. and an M.A. from the University of Pittsburgh, a Ph. D. from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.  I married a Greek aristocrat.  I have been married five times, six if you believe my Palestinean fiancé and the Koran.  He was a long-term actor in the Middle East and the handsome Arabic youth in “The English Patient.”  I have been engaged without being married five more times.  I was accepted for the J.D. degree at American University.  I taught at Georgetown University, one of the twelve universities where I have taught across the country.  I am now married to the kindest man I have ever met, a pilot, poet, photographer, and computer specialist, and I am certain that we will spend our remaining years happily together.

My other six books are basically based on true events.  One of these “River People” is about the curious assortment of individuals living along the Russian River from Guernevillle to Jenner at the Pacific in Northern Sonoma County, California.  We lived for seven years along The Russian River under scores of Redwoods.  I am now working from my desk in Prescott, Arizona.