Hunter Thompson’s “Swan Song”

To Be Released By Bethel Music

Writer Kevin Ott At Rocking Gods HouseAlthough I live in California, I’ve never been to Bethel Church in Redding, CA (though my pastors have). I’ve always felt a kindred spirit with them for many reasons. And although I have a much different vision for worship bands than what’s considered mainstream (I’m a little burnt out on the giant rock anthem/rock concert wall of sound), I greatly respect Bethel’s earnest pursuit of creativity — whether it be music or brilliant entrepreneurship or even new inventions. I appreciate Bethel’s vision that people who walk in a relationship with the Creator should be among the most creative people on the planet.

On that note, I’m excited to share this recent press release about Bethel’s upcoming release — this time with their musician Thomas Hunter at the forefront, with the intriguing title Swan Song:

Bethel Music, the worship ministry of Redding, CA-based Bethel Church, releases the first digital EP from artist Hunter Thompson, Swan Song, December 2nd on iTunes®.

Swan Song contains five original tracks with engaging arrangements, poignant lyrics and haunting melodies. Moved by the metaphor of a swan’s last exhale before leaving this life, Hunter’s crafted lyrics and soundscapes explore the paradox that life is a vapor, while being ever connected to eternity. Marked by phrases such as “May I sing as if these words would be my last…,” the album takes an honest stance toward what it means to remain unreserved in love even when life’s circumstances try to convince us otherwise.

Hunter Thompson Swan Song Bethel Music At Rocking Gods HouseHunter’s songs are raw, vulnerable and ultimately hopeful. Declaring “at the end of my days, I’ll look back and I’ll say, it’s worth it just to love You, worth it just to love You…,” the album’s overall tone is reminiscent of David in the psalms, reflecting themes of resilience and rising again. In its entirety, the project is a powerful acknowledgement of who we are and who we become, not in spite of pain, but through it.

“This record is for those who have withstood the test of time and have chosen to stay the course,” shares Hunter in the dedication found in his album liner notes. “We have fought a noble fight; we have fallen, but kept crawling forward. We’ve been misunderstood, and some of us have been broken. To all of you, may your ears be met by a familiar voice, and may your heart have permission to give it one more try.”

The full track listing for Swan Song follows:

Hunter Thompson Swan Song At Rocking Gods House1) Song of David – written by Hunter Thompson

2) Maranatha – written by Hunter Thompson, Gabriel Wilson, Austin Williamson

3) Firm Foundation – written by Hunter Thompson, Paul Arend

4) To Love You Rightly – written by Hunter Thompson

5) Swan Song – written by Hunter Thompson, Daniel MacKenzie, Gabriel Wilson

Taking his new music to cities around the country, Hunter, along with Bethel Music’s Jeremy Riddle, Amanda Cook, Kristene DiMarco, William Matthews and more, are currently on the road for Bethel Worship Nights with California stops in San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, Fresno and the Bay Area remaining. For more info visit:

“Our events are not just about singing worship songs, but also engaging in ministry time as well,” says Joel Taylor, Director of Bethel Music. “We are partnering with each city to press in and experience God’s presence that we believe is shifting spiritual atmospheres and touching hearts in radical ways.”

Thompson’s Swan Song follows the Bethel Music releases of Steffany Gretzinger’s The Undoing last August and You Make Me Brave last April. The Undoing hit No. 2 on Billboard Christian charts, No. 20 on the Billboard Top 200, and reached Top 3 during release week on iTunes in the US. You Make Me Brave launched in its debut week at retail to No. 10 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, becoming the highest charting retail debut ever for Bethel Music (Tides Hit No. 30 Sept. 2013). You Make Me Brave also hit No. 1 on the overall Top Christian/Gospel Albums Billboard retail chart, while breaking into the Top 5 during the week on iTunes in the US, Canada and Australia, and hitting the Top 25 in the UK and Top 100 in Germany. In February 2014, Bethel Music’s Tides Live shot to No. 1 on iTunes’ Christian/Gospel chart, and Bethel’s first-ever studio album, Tides (Sept. 2013), hit No. 1 on the overall Top Christian/Gospel Albums and Praise & Worship Billboard retail charts amidst unprecedented international acclaim.