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Acoustic Guitar – How To Use Harmonics
By Will McNicol of Music Radar


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Guitarist Will McNicol At Rocking Gods HouseWill McNicol began playing guitar at the age of six, and he has since become UK Acoustic Guitarist of the Year (2011) and a Fellow of Trinity College London for his playing and compositions. In 2014 Acoustic Guitar Magazine included Will McNicol in their list of “Thirty Great Guitarists Under Thirty” from around the world.

Guitar Harmonics Defined

A guitar string vibrates at one specific frequency when plucked. For example, the A or 5th string on a guitar vibrates at 440 Hertz, or 440 times per second. Place your finger directly over the 12 fret and softly touch the string, now pluck the string. The bell tone you hear is called a harmonic.

The 12 fret on a guitar marks the middle of the string between the bridge and nut of the guitar. When you pluck it as described above at this mid-way point, the guitar string is actually producing several notes simultaneously. When you placed your finger on the 12th fret of the A String and plucked the note, your finger divided the string frequency in half creating a second frequency of 880 Hertz, which is one octave higher. This is a very simplified description, but essentially you caused the string to simultaneously vibrate at 440 Hertz and 880 Hertz (called the first harmonic). Multiple harmonic tones can be created on a guitar. Will McNicol is using this technique during this lesson.

LESSON TARGET: Praise Team Acoustic Guitarist
LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: Intermediate – Advanced
DURATION: 7 Minutes &  40 Seconds