How to get better at Violin?

I took music lessons but I quit. Is there a way to teach myself to get better? I already know the basics, but I’m still working on my vibrato and I do want to get better. I know practice everyday is the key, but what should I do as a daily ritual? I practice my scales, and right now I’m trying to learn Partita allemande. It just does not seem like I’m improving at all! I know I don’t have an aptitude for music, but I really want to play the violin well!!! Thanks!!

Abbie’s Reply…

This is just an opinion. I have met so many players who know their scales, can read music well, and play Mozart to perfection. However, when it comes to thinking outside of the box, they get lost. Take away the sheet music, and they’re stopped dead in their tracks! Spend some time getting in touch with why we musicians play music… for enjoyment! Spend a small amount of your day playing from the heart. Listen to your favorite songs and play along. Follow the melody or create your own melodies. If you’re not so good at first, don’t sweat it. Improvisation takes talent, and time. Try playing along with songs and genres of ALL types. It will force you to play differently, and apply scales and modes from a different perspective. Try limiting your string use. Play something you play often, and pretend you broke a string. Play an entire piece on only one string.Your form can be practiced, your style comes from your heart. It makes you, uniquely you. Others will one day practice your music. That will separate you from the crowd, make you wanted by producers & artists in the recording studio, and create fans and listeners!Practice hard, then forget the rules and play from the heart!