Bluegrass Star Rhonda Vincent
Her New Album “Only Me”

Josh Bechler Writer for Rocking God's HouseFive time Grammy nominated Rhonda Vincent, the new Queen of Bluegrass, has made a masterpiece with her new 2-cisc combination release that includes six songs each of bluegrass and country music. The project is titled Only Me. It was released on Upper Management Music in late January, and it is available where all music is sold. The album has two very special guests, which you can read about in my interview with Rhonda below. This project will raise the question of whether Rhonda Vincent’s voice is bluegrass or country. Appropriately titled “Only Me,” the title track makes the statement that, either way — bluegrass or country — it’s Rhonda Vincent! Rhonda Vincent and her band The Rage are also nominated for six SPBGMA or Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America awards. That includes Entertainer of the Year and Entertaining Group of the Year.

Here is what Rhonda and I discussed:

Your group is up for six SPBGMA Awards this year; do you think you will win them all?

You know what, I am sure hoping so! I don’t know, but I would like too!

 Tell us about the new album Only Me.

Only Me is a 2-CD set. It has six bluegrass songs and six country songs with lots of great guests. It is traditional country music. I had Willie Nelson and Daryle Singletary perform duets with me. Being the great country artists they both are, I decided to change things up and have them sing with me on the bluegrass side of the album.

What was it like recording with Willie Nelson?

Willie was my duet partner on “Only Me” — the title track of the album. Not only did he sing with me, but he also plays guitar and takes a guitar break on the song — where he and I swap licks instrumentally!

What made you decide to record “We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds” with Daryle Singletary?

It is in the style of traditional country music — the same format as when George Jones performed it with Melba Montgomery. I knew I wanted to sing it with Daryle — our voices blend really well — and we have sung it together several times.

Are there any Gospel tracks on this album?

There is a song on the bluegrass side called “Its Never To0 Late” — it has one of the most powerful messages I have ever heard. I can hardly sing it without choking up. It has such a powerful message. It is a song that tells you it is never too late no matter what you have done. The premise is about a man in prison who killed his wife and he is speaking with a preacher asking him about his soul and salvation.

You have been deemed the “New Queen Of Bluegrass.” How does this title make you feel?

That has been such a fun title. It always makes me giggle every time I hear it. It’s fun!

Tell us about the newly re-launched Rhonda Vincent website?

You can check it out! A new web design was launched this morning! It shows all the places we are going to be. I am also on Facebook, and on Twitter.