Jillian - Staff Writer - Rockin' God's House.comThough church and technology aren’t frequently associated with one another- now is a good time for that to change!  Churches need video and audio equipment to record and share worship services and events. They allow churches to reach more parishioners, especially with the aid of the Internet.  Multi-site churches often use audio and video to unite their campuses through a shared message and experience.

If it’s all good, why doesn’t every church do this?  This is a complex question. There are multiple reasons why churches may not be utilizing technology… For starters, it isn’t cheap and it isn’t free.  Many churches simply don’t have a technology budget. The addition of technology takes special planning, and an allotment of funds the church must generate and set aside for such a project.  The biggest reason is lack of know-how. Even if a church has the money, and equipment… How do they train mostly volunteers, and how do they find the people to use it properly? That is the purpose for this series on video technology!

In following articles, I will be exploring video issues facing most churches, and shine light providing help where needed.  I will conduct in-depth interviews so you will learn what’s working… and what’s not. I will recommend products and websites to help churches and individuals find the answers they need… to get their church recording!

Poor quality video can distract from the message, and not inspire frequent views or visits to a churches videos and/or website.  My intention is to help those using video technology. Most running this technology almost never receive proper training. I will to teach your video staff how to get the most out of your video equipment — what equipment to use and where to purchase it. This is an age of technological leaps and bounds; let’s use these new tools to spread the Word of the Lord!