Founded by Abbie Stancato in 2007, Rockin’ God’s House was initially created by Ecumenic Entertainment Incorporated for the promotion of Christian music and new Christian artists. While music and praise/worship is still a big emphasis, it has since expanded to include the entire spectrum of Christian community with a special emphasis on creativity, the arts, and personal growth in Christ.

Our foundation: We write from an orthodox Christian worldview. We try not to gather around peripheral, non-essential arguments that divide. We prefer to gather around the Cross and around the essentials, such as the Nicene Creed. For this reason, our readers will come from many denominations, but they will have Christ in common.

The result: We hope that our articles, podcasts, and videos will help you enjoy a deeply intimate, more fulfilling walk with God.


Statement of Faith

The staff members at Rockin’ God’s House are devoted to Jesus Christ, and we identify with the worldwide Protestant tradition with commitment to such historical statements of faith as the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed. Our statement of faith includes the following:

We believe in God

  • The Lord alone is God, perfect and loving. He reveals Himself in creation and in Jesus Christ alone.
  • The Lord is eternal, faithful, and steadfast. His words and plans never fail.
  • The Lord is Triune — God in three persons — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who exist in an eternal and equal relationship. The Lord sustains all things, and He will redeem the world from its brokenness and tragedy and complete his redemptive work in a new heaven and a new earth that is to come.

. . . the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

  • God the Father is the source of all good things. Jesus Christ is His only Son, and through Christ we can be His adopted sons and daughters whom He loves eternally by His grace and mercy.
  • God the Son became a man in Jesus Christ — one person in two natures, fully human and fully divine — who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. Through His death on the Cross and resurrection from the dead we are set free from sin and made clean before God.
  • God the Holy Spirit is Lord and Counselor, the one who filled Jesus Christ with power and who empowers all of us in Christ to continue God’s work today. God the Holy Spirit inspired Scripture and guides the church in its response and obedience to the Living Word. The Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, is inspired by God and without error; it is the only infallible guide for Christian faith.

. . . the Author of our salvation

  • We were made for unbroken relationship and close fellowship with God and with one another. However, through Adam’s disobedience, we fell into sin and were cut off from that lifeline with God, the source of all good things. The influence of sin in our hearts is so powerful that apart from God’s grace we are lost and dead. Only by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ are we saved and made alive again. Each of us must make a decision to believe this, willingly receive God’s gift of grace through Christ, and allow Him to rule over our hearts and lives in a personal relationship with Him.
  • In bringing us to faith in Christ, the Holy Spirit joins us into the body of Christ, His church, which is the community of all believers on earth and in heaven. The church is called to bear witness to Christ’s unique power and glory among the nations by praising God, preaching the good news of Christ, teaching and encouraging other believers, healing the sick, giving to the poor, and setting free those who are oppressed. The gifts, fruit, and power of the Holy Spirit enable the church for these tasks.
  • Jesus Christ will return one day in his glorified body to judge all — both the living and the dead. Those who have willingly rejected the grace of God and His only antidote for sin — Jesus Christ — will be separated from God by their sin forever. Those who believe in Christ will be transformed, their bodies raised incorruptible, to live and reign with Christ forever in a new heaven and a new earth. In this new creation, there will be all that is good, true, and beautiful, and there will be no sorrow, tears, or any evil thing.