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New Hall of Legends Inductee Guy Gilchrist, Comic Strip Artist (‘Nancy,’ ‘The Muppets’), Talks to Rocking God’s House

On Friday September 8th, in my beloved home of Nashville Tennessee, resident comic strip artist Guy Gilchrist will become the celebrated fifth honoree of the Wizard World Hall of Legends, which, according to Wizard World press is a new initiative to celebrate comic...

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Kevin Eastman, Co-Creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Talks New Kickstarter Project ‘Drawing Blood: The Story Behind the Stories’

Kevin Eastman, the man who co-created the fondest memories of my childhood (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), is getting ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign on August 1, 2017 for his latest project, Drawing Blood: The Story Behind the Stories. It is a "completely...

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Todd Agnew Talks His New Album ‘From Grace to Glory’ and His Journey Through Seminary

Seven-time Dove Away nominee Todd Agnew has a new album out this year called From Grace to Glory. This most certainly prompted a cry of celebration from his fans because it's been a few years, 2012, since his last release. One listen through the trackless...

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Rodrigo García Interview: Director of Ewan McGregor Film ‘Last Days in the Desert’ Talks Jesus, the Devil & Making Films in the Desert

It's finally here. The new Ewan McGregor film called Last Days in the Desert (#lastdaysinthedesert, @LastDesert), in which McGregor plays both Jesus and Satan. I say "it's finally here" because it first made waves at the Sundance Film Festival in Jan. 2015, and it has...

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